Caring for Others

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was ratified by a law adopted by the 41st National Assembly on 26.01.2012.

Article 9 of the Convention requires the provision of an accessible environment and to enable persons with disabilities to live independently and participate complete in all aspects of life. To this end, States Parties to this Convention shall take appropriate measures to ensure for persons with disabilities equal access to the physical environment of living, to transport, to information and communications, including information and communication systems and technologies and to all other amenities and services , open or intended for the general public, both in urban and rural areas. These measures should include identifying and removing any obstacles and barriers to accessibility.

It is not easy for people with disabilities to move around in wheelchairs in our cities due to the lack of ramps and suitable pavement.

I want to tell you about our meeting with a disabled school teacher in our new city park. While walking around to prepare a phеnological calendar and collecting herbarium material, we decided to make beautiful fall flowers from dry leaves. We saw  a a lady in recovery (probably a patient of the city’s Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital). She reacted to the word “ Mrs ” and we turned out to be right – she is a teacher. We spontaneously decided that she should receive a bouquet from us, which made her extremely happy. She burst into tears, apparently we reminded her of “her children”. And then we understood what it is to smile and with the smallest gesture to warm someone else’s day.

Author: Maria Zafirova, 8th grade student, “Ivan Vazov” School, Varshets

Reflection Questions:

  • What measures still need to be taken for people with disabilities to live a dignified life?
  • Do you have personal experience in communication and relationships with people with disabilities? What do you think they need?