We are Europeans but we are still not there

According Article 25 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

„Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

After meeting and talking to the woman in the picture, we found that this right of hers was violated! She is an elderly pensioner and a widow living on the minimum pension and her money is not enough for heating. For this reason, the woman is forced to go out into the cold and walk around the city to collect boxes for her stove.

Authors: Svetoslava Choneva, XII grade, High School of Humanities and Social Science “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Blagoevgrad and

Desislava Taseva, 9th grade, High School of Science and mathematics “Acad. Sergey Korolev”, Blagoevgrad

Reflection Questions:

  • How can the state and the social system ensure the right to a dignified life for people of retirement age?
  • Which policies concern the elderly people’s care in our country?