Backstabbing friends


The right to privacy

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations – Art. 12 “No one should be subjected to arbitrary interference with his private life, family, home and correspondence, nor to attacks on his honor and good name. Every person has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or intrusion.”

In this film, the authors, students from the city of Montana, show how friends can violate the right to privacy and security, including the right to personal space. The authors explore the topic of friendship and the disclosure of personal secrets by friends, which can lead to unintended consequences for both the victim and the friendship.

The right to privacy must be respected both by the state in relation to its citizens and by individuals in relation to their relationships.

Authors: students from the High school of foreign languages “Peter Bogdan”, the city of Montana –  Mihaela Georgieva, Pamela Tsvetkova, Isabel Spasova and Iva Kuneva.

Reflection Questions:

1/ In what way is the right to personal security of one of the girls in the film violated? Why is it wrong to make personal information, shared by friends, public?

2/ In what way is the state responsible for protecting citizens’ right to privacy and how does this differ from the responsibility of individuals for their relationships with other people?