For clean environment

We are part of nature and its conservation is linked to our development and well-being as humans. A clean natural environment is the most important condition for human health. Nature gives us breath, food and strength to live fully.

In August 2022, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution unanimously recognizing that a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right. Member States are urged to work together with their partners to put this newly recognized right into practice. At the same time, the resolution also focuses on the impact of human rights on climate change with the creation of a special rapporteur who will deal only with this issue.

Authors: Magdalena Georgieva; Ralitsa Pantova; Maria Zamfirova; Alexander Dimitrov, students from the Secondary school “Ivan Vasov”,  town of Varshets

Reflection Questions:

  • What measures does the Council of Europe take for a clean and sustainable environment? Read the information on the website of the Council of Europe and indicate the main points related to the obligation of states to provide their population with this basic human right.
  • What are the environmental problems and what needs to be done in your community to make the environment healthier and cleaner?