Right to education


According to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, everyone has the right to education, as well as access to vocational and continuing training. The member states of the European Union determine their own policies in the field of higher education. In the Strategy for the Development of Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria 2021-2030, social inequalities are recognized as a factor limiting access to education for disadvantaged people.

It is clear that more measures are needed to support young people wishing to study in higher schools, as well as updating the law on crediting students and doctoral students. This video shows the need for more support for young people who wish to continue their studies in the higher education system and learn a profession. For many who wish to study, this still remains an unattainable dream due to a number of socio-economic barriers.

Authors: Ralitsa Pantova and Maria Zafirova, students from Secondary school “Ivan Vazov”, Varshets

Reflection questions:

1/ Discuss all provisions in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which relate to the rights to education and governments responsibilities to ensure this right to all citizens.

2/ Find all provision in the national legislation which address the right to education. What measures have been taken to reduce the inequality related to this right?