Unexpected change

Discrimination based on ethnic origin

People from some minority groups often become subject to prejudice and unfair treatment.

The film shows the reality of many children and youth in the country who experience social exclusion and discrimination.

Therefore, every act of kindness, extended hand of friendship and invitation to joint activities is a step towards a more just and harmonious community in which everyone has his place and belonging.

Authors: Milana Manduhova, Irina Bozhikova, Anelia Dalamangova, Leandro Murtineira, students from Profesional hugh school of mechanisation of agriculture “Peyo Yavorov, Gotse Delchev

Georgi Bozhikovq student from the Neurocop professional high school “Dimitar Talev”, Gotse Delchev

Reflection Questions:

1/ Which provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Union Charter on the Rights of Citizens are related to the rights of ethnic minorities?

2/ In which life situations are you protected against discrimination according to the law of the European Unions?